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Fantastical Colored Pencils - Drawing Fairytale Worlds

Fantastical Colored Pencils - Drawing Fairytale Worlds

This colored pencil manual is structured like a picture book with a story. You will learn to color many fascinating pictures while traveling through a shopping street in a fairytale world created by the author.


The shopping street has four shops that sell fantastical items: the lizard witch’s pharmacy, the fairy's flower shop, the hedgehog’s antique shop, the owl’s café.
You will learn to draw and color motifs and objects from these fantasy shops.


Instructions are based on a set of 36 colors. You can draw the pictures from scratch yourself, or you can trace the line art included in the book to have a base. If you are looking for a colored pencil manual with whimsical art and a bit of a twist, this book is for you!



Introduction: The beginning of the story
Chapter 1: The lizard witch's pharmacy
Chapter 2: The fairy's flower shop
Chapter 3: The hedgehog's antique shop
Chapter 4: The owl's cafe


    ■ by Kazuna Osada

    ■ 257 x 187 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in June 2022

    ■ ISBN: 9784798627946

    ■ Japanese title: 空想色鉛筆レッスン おとぎの世界のモチーフを描く

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    World rights available


    Kazuna Osada is a freelance picture book author and illustrator. She graduated from the picture book course of the Graphic Design Department of Tokyo Designer Gakuin and studied at the Setsu Mode Seminar. She likes to draw elaborate pencil illustrations and has provided art for advertisements, product packaging, municipal pamphlets, apparel brands, and more.

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