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Basic Manga Drawing: Characters and Backgrounds

Basic Manga Drawing: Characters and Backgrounds

Learn how to draw backgrounds that will make your characters stand out and your illustrations more appealing! This book will also show you professional techniques to help you easily draw backgrounds from photographs.


Chapter 1: Drawing characters

Drawing the face step-by-step / Face / Drawing the body step-by-step / Body / Learning proportions / Twisting the body

Chapter 2: Drawing backgrounds from photographs

Using photos as background references / Front view / Decorating a scene / Backgrounds in perspective / Manga perspective

Chapter 3: Creating scenes with different themes

Techniques to compose a scene / Theme gallery


    ■ by Hikaru Hayashi (Go office)

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 176 pages

    ■ Published in October 2012

    ■ ISBN: 9784798604916

    ■ Japanese title: マンガの基礎デッサン キャラ・背景編

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, China, South Korea, Germany


    Hikaru Hayashi started to work as a manga artist after graduating in philosophy from the Department of Humanities of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. He received an encouragement award and an honorable mention from Business Jump, and also worked as a manga assistant. In 1997 he founded the manga and design studio Go office. He has authored over 250 manga drawing manuals, some of which have been published overseas as well.

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