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Basic Manga Drawing: Expressing Heaviness and Lightness

Basic Manga Drawing: Expressing Heaviness and Lightness

The newest title in the “Basic Manga Drawing” series is about expressing heaviness and lightness. This book will teach you what you should pay attention to when you are trying to draw something heavy or light.

●Techniques to express the weight of objects and people
A person who is carrying a large suitcase will naturally look like they are supporting the weight of that object, while a person who lifts another one will be supporting the weight of that person.
When someone leans against a wall, they are supporting their own weight. This book explains techniques to draw these situations correctly so that the poses will look natural.


●Techniques to make characters look light or heavy
Besides the standard techniques, this manual also explains tricks to make clothes, hair etc. look heavy or light more easily. Adding something that helps convey the weight will make your characters more realistic and captivating.
Master these techniques to improve your drawing skills!



Prologue: Expressing heaviness and lightness
Chapter 1: Expressing the heaviness and lightness of "people + objects"
Chapter 2: Expressing the heaviness and lightness of "people + people"
Chapter 3: Expressing the heaviness and lightness of oneself
Chapter 4: Expressing heaviness and lightness in situations


    ■ by Hikaru Hayashi (Go office)

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 176 pages

    ■ Published in February 2022

    ■ ISBN: 9784798627359

    ■ Japanese title: マンガの基礎デッサン 重さ・軽さの表現編

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Hikaru Hayashi started to work as a manga artist after graduating in philosophy from the Department of Humanities of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. He received an encouragement award and an honorable mention from Business Jump, and also worked as a manga assistant. In 1997 he founded the manga and design studio Go office. He has authored over 250 manga drawing manuals, some of which have been published overseas as well.

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