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CLIP STUDIO PAINT Brush Collection: B&W Illustrations, Manga

CLIP STUDIO PAINT Brush Collection: B&W Illustrations, Manga

A selection of Clip Studio Paint brushes for black & white illustrations and manga. The CD-ROM contains 195 brushes and the book explains how to use them.


● Draw flowers, trees and crowds in the background with just a stroke of your pen!


● The collection includes many brushes to draw cityscapes (buildings, residential areas, shopping districts etc.), natural landscapes and other elements that are very useful in manga, like random background characters and special effects.


● The book contains instructions on how to use the brushes and usage examples by professional mangaka.

The brushes are free to use in both private and commercial work.




Chapter 1: Basics of brushes

Chapter 2: Artificial brushes

Cityscapes / Walls / Doors / Windows / School / Fences / Shops / Rubble / Indoor / Outdoor / Night scene

Chapter 3: Natural brushes

Trees / Grass / Cherry blossoms / Flowers / Tree branches / Clouds / Stones, rocks / Rain / Water, ice, snow / Starry sky / Crystals


Chapter 4: Props brushes

Clothes / Patterns / Strings / Drinks / Food

Chapter 5: People brushes

Summer clothes / Winter clothes / School uniforms / Blazers / Sport events / Audience / In the train / Town scenes

Chapter 6: Effect brushes

Shock waves / Manga effects


    ■ by Haikei Souko

    ■ 257 x 190 mm + CD-ROM / 160 pages

    ■ Published in March 2020

    ■ ISBN: 9784798621746

    ■ Japanese title: CLIP STUDIO PAINTブラシ素材集 モノクロイラスト/マンガ編

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Haikei Souko is a website that sells all kinds of digital backgrounds, as well as brushes, character models, color material, etc. All files are license free, can be used in commercial works, and can be modified or colored as the purchaser wishes.

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