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Color Psychology & Color Combination Idea Book

Color Psychology & Color Combination Idea Book

Learn to use color psychology in your designs!


Colors are commonly associated with feelings and emotions, but they have a scientific side too. Research has shown that colors affect the emotions of people who look at them and can trigger a specific feeling.

Many designers choose color schemes based on their sensitivity. However, understanding color psychology, the study of the way colors influence the mind, can help you choose even more effective color combinations for your designs.


Twelve colors, each associated with three keywords and explained!


This book features twelve main colors. Each color is examined from the point of view of color psychology and then divided into three different keywords commonly associated with it, each with its own explanation.


The first page of each entry examines the psychological aspects of the color and the effect it has on the five senses, including concrete examples and reference photos. It's a good read to understand how to efficiently incorporate it into your designs.

You are then introduced to three keywords per color, each further subdivided into more specific words and related color combinations.


The book contains a large variety of color schemes sampled from beautiful pictures, perfect to browse when you're looking for ideas or inspiration!



Color 01: Red (Passion / Dynamic / Luxury)

Color 02: Pink (Girlie / Lovely / Romantic)

Color 03: Orange (Fulfilling / Healthy / Nostalgy)

Color 04: Yellow (Energetic / Casual / Happy)

Color 05: Green (Healing / Fresh / Ecology)

Color 06: Sky blue (Future / Cool / Stylish)

Color 07: Blue (Profound / Refined / Dandy)

Color 08: Purple (Exotic / Elegant / Traditional)

Color 09: Brown (Organic / Classical / Rich)

Color 10: White (Simple / Divine / Light)

Color 11: Gray (Quiet / Fashionable / Japanese aesthetic)

Color 12: Black (High-class / Mystical / Modern)


    ■ by Ryoko Minami

    ■ 210 x 148 mm / 256 pages

    ■ Published in March 2023

    ■ ISBN: 9784798631424

    ■ Japanese title: 色彩心理 配色アイデアブック

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    World rights available


    Ryoko Minami is the representative director of the Japan Universal Color Association. She realized the importance of colors while working in an advertising company. After finding that specific colors could decrease problematic behavior in patients with dementia and enhance the motivation of employees, she began to work as a color designer and supervisor for facilities for the elderly, medical facilities, welfare and medical products. In 2003 she founded the Japan Universal Color Association, and regularly holds lectures and seminars on universal color design, colors and health, colors in welfare and nursing facilities, and more. She has authored many books on color psychology and regularly appears in various media.

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