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Cut & display retro papercut art in red and black

Cut & display retro papercut art in red and black

Enjoy the look of vintage and retro motifs with papercut art!


Like the previous book in the series, the motifs are all printed on design paper. You can detach the pages and cut out the motifs to use them right away! This title features retro motifs printed on red and black high-quality colored paper.


The motifs are also separately printed on regular paper so that you can transfer them to the paper of your choice and use them as many times as you wish.


● 28 pages with photos of ideas and samples / Papercutting tools / How to cut out papercut art / How to transfer the patterns / How to add color to papercut art
● Patterns that can be transferred
● Motifs printed on high-quality color paper that can be cut and displayed right away


    ■ by Ayano Sagawa

    ■ 145 x 210 mm / 162 pages

    ■ Published in September 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798625928

    ■ Japanese title: そのまま切って飾れる レトロな赤と黒の切り絵帖

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong


    Ayano Sagawa is a papercut artist and illustrator. She taught herself papercutting when she was in middle school, and in 2010 she started to work as a papercut artist. In 2018 she moved to Tokyo and is now teaching classes, exhibiting her works, and publishing videos on YouTube. She was featured in many magazines and TV programs.

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