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Delicious Still Life with Watercolors

Delicious Still Life with Watercolors

Delicious Still Life with Watercolors
Smooth, Rough, Learn the Basics from Bread


Still life indoors is perfect for watercolor beginners, as it allows you to paint what you like comfortably without having to worry about the weather or people’s gazes. Everyday objects or delicious food that you can find in your kitchen can become the perfect protagonists of a still-life picture.

This book will teach you to represent smooth and rough textures, as well as soft and doughy feelings, with only ten colors!



Chapter 1: The very basics of watercolors: what you can learn with only ten colors
Learn the seven basic techniques of watercolors.


Chapter 2: The protagonist of the dining table: painting eight types of bread
Use various types of bread as a reference to practice painting different textures.


Chapter 3: Textures from the dining table
Learn how to express the transparency of glass, the glossy surface of pottery, reflections on metal, as well as the texture of wood, fabric, and more.


Chapter 4: Positioning objects to paint still life
Position objects to create a composition and paint it using the techniques learned so far.


    ■ by Atsuhiro Morita, edited by Tsubura Kadomaru

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 128 pages

    ■ Published in December 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798626598

    ■ Japanese title: 透明水彩 おいしい卓上静物の描き方 つるつる・ざらざら 基本はパンから学ぶ

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Atsuhiro Morita is an artist from Tokyo. After graduating from Musashino Art University, his oil art won prizes at art contests and was selected for public exhibitions. In 2007 he discovered watercolors and started painting watercolor art and displaying it in private exhibitions. He currently works as a lecturer at the Yomiuri Nippon TV Culture Center, the Sakura Art Salon Tokyo, Club Tourism International, and other organizations.


    Tsubura Kadomaru has always loved drawing and sketching, and in middle and high school was the head of the school's art club. She protected the club, that had become a manga study group and Gundam get-together, and its members, raising creators who now work in the game and anime industry. She studied oil painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Tokyo University of the Arts at a time when film studies and contemporary art were thriving. She has authored, edited, and conceived dozens of drawing manuals.

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