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Dictionary of German Names for Creators

Dictionary of German Names for Creators

Dictionary of German Names for Creators
From German Legends to Names and Culture


This dictionary of German words is especially targeted at creators who are looking for inspiration for names to use in manga, anime, games, and more. It contains 4000 words with their pronunciation, meaning and, in some cases, etymology. The words are listed by topic to make browsing through the pages an enjoyable experience!



●How to use this dictionary


●Fantasy words

Dwellers of fantasy worlds / Weapons and protective gear / Magic


●Meaningful words

Darkness / Light / Actions and conditions


●People and names

German names / Words describing people


●Human activities

Food culture / Daily necessities and tools / Town and traffic / Occupations / Calendar and time


●Human wisdom

Knowledge / Music / Colors / The human body and medical care / National defense and military


●The sky and the earth

The earth / Weather and natural phenomena / Living creatures / Plants and minerals / The starry sky and the universe


    ■ by Taichi Nobii

    ■ 182 x 128 mm / 320 pages

    ■ Published in May 2019

    ■ ISBN: 9784798619040

    ■ Japanese title: 創作者のためのドイツ語ネーミング辞典 ドイツの伝説から人名、文化まで

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    Taichi Nobii graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences of Hokkaido University and the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo, then studied at the University of Potsdam and the University of Halle-Wittenberg. He currently teaches and researches German contemporary history at Tokyo Woman's Christian University. He has authored various books on the German language and organizes cultural events and seminars.

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