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Die-hard Animals - How Prey Escape Their Predators

Die-hard Animals - How Prey Escape Their Predators

The ones who don't give up are the strongest!

Bugs are eaten by birds, zebras by lions. But they don't just keep still and surrender. Even animals that are said to be "weak" have actually developed all kinds of secret techniques to escape their predators. These interesting survival strategies show us how tenacious living creatures can be!


Chapter 1: Run for your life! The winning way of life
Chapter 2: Nothing's impossible! The die-hard way of life
Chapter 3: Ranking of herbivores' secret techniques
Chapter 4: They can live anywhere! The tough way of life
Chapter 5: Ranking of the world's longest-living animals


    ■ by Taku Shiraishi, supervised by Tadaaki Imaizumi

    ■ 188 x 128 mm / 176 pages

    ■ Published in July 2019

    ■ ISBN: 9784798619743

    ■ Japanese title: 食べられちゃう者たちの生き残り大作戦 しぶとい生き物図鑑

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    Taku Shiraishi is a science journalist. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Kyoto University and, from 2008 to 2014, participated as a lecturer in Hirosaki University's "Educational skills improvement project." He has loved living creatures ever since he was a child and has authored many books on the topic.


    Tadaaki Imaizumi graduated from the Tokyo University of Fisheries (now Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology). He has participated in ecological researches and learned mammal taxonomy and biology at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. He worked as a guide at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo and later became director of the Izu Heights Cat Museum in Shizuoka.

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