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Drawing Character Emotions - Feelings and Facial Expressions Seen from All Sides

Drawing Character Emotions - Feelings and Facial Expressions Seen from All Sides

Highly praised in Italy, Germany, and France!


Learn how to convincingly represent characters' emotions! In addition to the four basic emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, enjoyment), surprise, and emptiness, this book features all kinds of feelings and states of the human heart. You will find plenty of examples to express emotions with both a character's face and body!



Chapter 1: Basics of drawing characters' emotions

Chapter 2: Drawing characters with different personalities

Chapter 3: How to represent human relations


    ■ by Hikaru Hayashi (Go office), Kurin Kubu

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 192 pages

    ■ Published in June 2015

    ■ ISBN: 9784798610399

    ■ Japanese title: キャラの気持ちの描き方 表情・感情の表と裏を描き分けよう

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    Rights sold to China, South Korea, Germany, Italy, France


    Hikaru Hayashi started to work as a manga artist after graduating in philosophy from the Department of Humanities of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. He received an encouragement award and an honorable mention from Business Jump, and also worked as a manga assistant. In 1997 he founded the manga and design studio Go office. He has authored over 250 manga drawing manuals, some of which have been published overseas as well.


    Kurin Kubu used to work as a painter and decorator until he was scouted by Hikaru Hayashi and entered the manga industry. With the spread of digital drawing, he also started working as an editor.

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