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Drawing Different Chibi Characters: Action & Poses

Drawing Different Chibi Characters: Action & Poses

Sequel to "Drawing Different Chibi Characters: Cute 2.5/2/3-head Proportions", this book will teach you to pose chibi characters in many different ways!


By combining four faces and three body types, and then adding arms and legs to them, you can obtain a large variety of poses for your chibi characters. If you want to expand your repertoire of poses, this book is for you!


Whereas the first volume focused on female characters, in this one you will also find instructions to draw male chibi characters.


Learn how to draw unique, dynamic, and eye-catching poses!



Chapter 1: Basics of drawing chibi characters

Chapter 2: Posing chibi characters
Chapter 3: Adding movement to perfect your illustrations


    ■ by Mosoko Miyatsuki

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 176 pages

    ■ Published in February 2023

    ■ ISBN: 9784798630588

    ■ Japanese title: ミニキャラクターの描き分け アクション・ポーズ編

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    World rights available


    Mosoko Miyatsuki studied manga, anime and character design at Nihon Kogakuin College. She has authored and contributed to many drawing manuals, and also works as a lecturer at Nihon Kogauin College.

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