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Drawing Fighter Aircraft

Drawing Fighter Aircraft

Drawing Fighter Aircraft
Wings and Body: Techniques for Drawing Fighters from a Cross


Even complex machines such as fighter aircraft can be drawn starting from a simple cross, which is the base for the body and wings. Master the fundamentals and you will be able to draw planes with various designs! The book also explains how you can use scale models as a reference to draw fighters, introduces techniques to apply the know-how to mecha illustrations based on aircraft, and provides a compendium with information about fighters from various historical periods.



Chapter 1: Basics: drawing fighters from a cross

Chapter 2: Practical applications: useful techniques for creators

Appendix: Let's get to know fighter aircraft


    ■ by Akira Yokoyama, Seiho Takizawa, Takeshi Nogami, Mirai Matsuda, Matsuda Juukou, Tetsuo Tanaka, Tadayuki Yasuda, Aira Sensya, Zephyr, Rei Nakajima

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 160 pages

    ■ Published in March 2018

    ■ ISBN: 9784798616636

    ■ Japanese title: 戦闘機の描き方 翼と機体― 十字から描く戦闘機テクニック

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Akira Yokoyama is a manga artist and illustrator. He also publishes articles in magazines about cars and bikes, of which he is an expert.


    Seiho Takizawa is a manga artist who specializes in drawing aircraft and places importance on making them look like they are actually flying, emphasizing the characteristics of each model.


    Takeshi Nogami is a manga artist and illustrator who also contributed to creating the character designs for the popular franchise "Girls und Panzer" and was in charge of one of its comic serializations.


    Tadayuki Yasuda is an illustrator who provides art for novels, light novels, and other book genres.


    Tetsuo Tanaka used to work in the JASDF and then as a trailer truck driver. While employed in a civil aviation company of light aircraft, the comic he contributed to a contest won a prize and this marked his debut as a manga artist. He mainly publishes aviation manga online.


    Mirai Matsuda is a manga artist who loves all kinds of ground, sea, and air mecha. Every year he used to travel to the United States to watch a race of fighters from WW2.


    Matsuda Juukou is a manga artist who specializes in military history manga.


    Aira Sensya debuted as an illustrator for social games. He has provided concept art, tank, and weapon designs for various games.


    Zephyr represents the doujin circle "Ginyoku Koukuu Koushou," through which he publishes art and fanzines about contemporary aircraft and anthropomorphized airplanes.


    Rei Nakajima is a manga artist who loves cars, planes, and other vehicles, and mainly publishes informative military manga.

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