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Drawing Kimono - From the Basics to Everything You Need

Drawing Kimono - From the Basics to Everything You Need

The Japanese kimono is known all over the world. With the ever-increasing popularity of anime and manga, more and more people want to draw this beautiful traditional attire and its variations, but due to its complex structure, getting it right is not easy.


This book will teach you everything about the kimono, from the basics to fine details: how it's structured, how to wear it, differences between men's and women's wear, as well as common mistakes and how to avoid them. Besides drawing techniques, it also features information about kimono variations (yukata, hakama, etc.), accessories, levels of formalities, patterns for every season, tips on how to create fictional kimono, and more.


Every piece of information you may need to draw a kimono in your manga or illustrations is packed in this one book!



Chapter 1: Basics of kimono

Chapter 2: Drawing men's kimono

Chapter 3: Drawing women's kimono

Chapter 4: Kimono variations


    ■ by Kaoruko Maya

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 160 pages

    ■ Published in February 2016

    ■ ISBN: 9784798611594

    ■ Japanese title: 着物の描き方 基本からそれっぽく描くポイントまで

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China


    Manga artist Kaoruko Maya, under her personal circle "Meishou Misettei", self-publishes manga drawing manuals for the software Clip Studio Paint and how-tos for drawing kimono and other traditional Japanese clothing.

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