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Drawing Lolita Fashion: Watercolor Basics

Drawing Lolita Fashion: Watercolor Basics

Learn how to draw characters dressed in beautiful lolita outfits using watercolors!


The book explains watercolors from the basics, making it perfect even for beginners. It also includes step-by-step tutorials by four illustrators and tips on how to create your own lolita characters, along with information about the various lolita styles.

Chapter 1: Basic watercolor techniques
Chapter 2: Painting cute characters and outfits
Chapter 3: Lolita fashion
Chapter 4: Tutorials by guest artists


    ■ by Uni., edited by Tsubura Kadomaru

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 152 pages

    ■ Published in March 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798621609

    ■ Japanese title: ロリータファッションの描き方 水彩の基本編

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea


    Uni. is a Copic marker and watercolor illustrator from Saitama. She is active since 2017 and has displayed her works in exhibitions.


    Tsubura Kadomaru has always loved drawing and sketching, and in middle and high school was the head of the school's art club. She protected the club, that had become a manga study group and Gundam get-together, and its members, raising creators who now work in the game and anime industry. She studied oil painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Tokyo University of the Arts at a time when film studies and contemporary art were thriving. She has authored, edited, and conceived dozens of drawing manuals.

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