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Drawing Male Moe Characters: Gestures and Poses

Drawing Male Moe Characters: Gestures and Poses

Learn to draw handsome boys in cool poses! Starting from basic standing and sitting poses, this book explains how to draw attractive illustrations with head and hip twists, arm and leg movements, and by changing the position of the fingertips.


Chapter 1: Basic knowledge to create more interesting poses

Posing characters / Ideas for interesting poses / Understanding the structure of the human body / Basic knowledge to draw characters

Chapter 2: Basic poses 1: standing poses

Standing poses / Variations of standing poses / Hand on the hip pose / Adding perspective / Perspective tips: the position of the arms / Making a pose dynamic / Holding out one's hand / Dramatic poses / Looking over one's shoulder (twisting the body) / Variations of looking back

Chapter 3: Basic poses 2: sitting, lying poses

Sitting on a chair / Sitting on the ground / Crouching / Lying down


Chapter 4: Drawing dynamic actions

Tips for drawing action poses / Running poses / Jumping poses / Kicking poses / Drinking poses / Combing up one's hair / Wiping off sweat / Poses with glasses / Variations of everyday actions


Extra chapter: Suits and hairstyles

Drawing clothes and suits / Basic information about the head and hair


Coloring tutorials



    ■ by Universal Publishing

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 176 pages

    ■ Published in January 2017

    ■ ISBN: 9784798613178

    ■ Japanese title: メンズ萌えキャラクターの描き方 ポーズ・しぐさ編

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    Rights sold to Hong Kong, China


    Universal Publishing is an editing company co-founded by manga artist and illustrator Toro Nagasawa. They have published a wide variety of books, including many drawing manuals.

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