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Drawing Military Uniforms - US Military and Japan Self-Defense Forces

Drawing Military Uniforms - US Military and Japan Self-Defense Forces

About 30 patterns of military uniforms, carefully selected from ground, sea, and air troops, with the cooperation of the US Military and the JSDF. Summer and winter wear, combat uniforms, and pilot suits are illustrated from many angles and include a detailed description of the design and structure. It's a great reference for both drawing realistic uniforms and coming up with your original designs!




Chapter 1: Uniforms

Chapter 2: Combat uniforms

Chapter 3: Women's uniforms


    ■ by Col. Ayabe, (Moe) Hyogen Tankyu Circle, supervised by Kenichi Kaneko

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 160 pages

    ■ Published in December 2015

    ■ ISBN: 9784798611440

    ■ Japanese title: 軍服・制服の描き方 アメリカ軍・自衛隊の制服から戦闘服まで

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Col. Ayabe (Takayuki Ayabe) researches armies and police from various countries, with a focus on American Marines and Japan.


    (Moe) Hyogen Tankyu Circle is a group of authors who love manga, anime and games and are always looking for the best techniques to draw moe illustrations.


    Kenichi Kaneko writes about military uniforms and wear of the world in specialized magazines both in Japan and abroad. He also works as a military advisor for movies, theatrical plays, and animation.

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