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Friends: Collection of Poses - Everyday Scenes, School Life, Dramatic Situations

Friends: Collection of Poses - Everyday Scenes, School Life, Dramatic Situations

A collection of 230 poses featuring two or more friends together! You can use them directly as a reference or draw inspiration from them.


The book has 4 chapters: basic poses, school life, everyday life, dramatic scenes. You can find a huge variety of poses, from friends hugging and having a conversation to characters taking classes, going out on the weekend, or even going on an adventure.


It features both pairs of friends who get along and friends with completely different personalities, as well as trios and groups of several friends. This is perfect for anyone who finds it difficult to draw multiple characters together or can’t come up with good ideas to position them so that they look like friends.


Besides the poses, the book contains drawing tips including how to show friendship, how to express a character’s personality and the relationship between two characters. All illustrations are included in the CD-ROM in both JPG and PSD format and are free to trace!


Prologue: Drawing tips

Character drawing basics / How to draw friend poses

Chapter 1: Basic friend poses

Standing / Sitting / Chair and sofa / Chatting

Chapter 2: School life

Going to school / Class / Athletics / After school and extra-curricular activities

Chapter 3: Spending time with friends

Everyday life / Happiness and fun / Anger and sadness / Going out / Eating / Drinking together / Seasonal events / Poster-like layout

Chapter 4: Dramatic scenes

Adventure and fantasy / Action / Drama and suspense / Discord and rivalry / Tearjerking scenes / Emotional climax


    ■ 257 x 190 mm + CD-ROM / 160 pages

    ■ Published in December 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798626581

    ■ Japanese title: 友だちイラストポーズ集 友だち同士の日常から学園生活、ドラマチックなシーンまで

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea

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