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How to Craft Mystical Beasts

How to Craft Mystical Beasts

How to Craft Mystical Beasts
Techniques to Make Articulated Mystical Beast Dolls & Gallery


Fourth title in Hobby Japan’s fantastical craft series! This book explains how to craft realistic mystical beasts that look just like they came out of a fantasy world.


A fox beast with a fluffy tail and soft fur, a bird beast with beautiful feathers, a beast that has the characteristics of both a deer and a dragon, and more. Learn how to make beast dolls with a mystical charm using materials such as fake fur, felt, and clay.


Popular artists explain their doll-making process step by step! A great book both to learn the secrets of the craft and to have a look at lots of amazing creations.



●The Winter Fox by Anya Boz

●Rokuryuu (deer dragon) by Lilacoo

●The mystical bird beast Nyx by Kazumi Nakayama

●The mystical winged beast Sunny by Kazumi Nakayama

●The three-tailed fox by Anya @ Anyamals

●The dragon's equipment by Moruhimeya


    ■ by Kisou Zoukei Shushushitsu

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in May 2022

    ■ ISBN: 9784798628332

    ■ Japanese title: 幻獣の作り方 可動式幻獣ドールの制作技法&作品集

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong


    Kisou Zoukei Shushushitsu is an organization that researches fantastical handicrafts from all over the world and records their creation process.

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