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How to Craft Small Magic Accessories: The Wizard's Small Amulets

How to Craft Small Magic Accessories: The Wizard's Small Amulets

Learn how to craft small cute magic accessories!


14 projects by 6 popular creators of handmade items, all explained in detail with step-by-step tutorials!


From shiny amulets to miniature wands and brooms, you will be able to craft your own magical items by combining UV resin with metallic parts, empty bottles, and natural materials.


And if you have never worked with resin before, don't worry! The book includes a detailed tutorial on how to safely use UV resin and make custom molds, perfect for beginners!



●How to work with UV resin and basic techniques

●Photo gallery & tutorial: Light and blue-themed magic accessories

●Photo gallery & tutorial: Items created in collaboration with the popular illustrator Spin

●Photo gallery & tutorial: Fantasy-themed magic accessories


    ■ by Mahou Item Renseijo

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in February 2023

    ■ ISBN: 9784798630571

    ■ Japanese title: 小さな魔法雑貨の作り方 不思議な力が宿る「魔法のお守り」編

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    World rights available


    Mahou Item Renseijo (Magic Item Alchemical Studio) is an organization that studies ways to create magic-themed accessories and sundries. Traveling between fantasy and reality, they collect items that look like real magic objects and promote handicrafts.

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