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How to Draw Fashionable Clothes: From Casual Wear to School Uniforms

How to Draw Fashionable Clothes: From Casual Wear to School Uniforms

Following the success of "Clothes Drawing Encyclopedia Including Action and Folds", popular illustrator Rabimaru is back with a new book about drawing fashionable clothes!


From tops and bottoms to outerwear, this book will teach you how to draw all kinds of fashionable clothes!


This second volume also includes photos of real models next to line art that shows you how to capture the silhouette of a subject and simplify folds.

Drawing from photos is not that easy, as many tend to overcomplicate their line art including too many details. Learn how to keep the most important lines and folds so that your illustration looks natural!


Besides casual wear, you will find advice on drawing school uniforms and accessories such as glasses and caps.


The best guide for anyone who wants to draw fashionable and cool characters!


Chapter 1: Drawing clothes from photos

Top & bottom combos / Drawing tops / Drawing bottoms / Drawing accessories / Drawing sleeves


Chapter 2: Drawing different tops

Shirtwaists / Knits / Sweatshirts

Chapter 3: Drawing outerwear

Basics of outerwear / Warm jackets / Coats


Chapter 4: Drawing schoolwear

Blazer style / School shoes and schoolbags / School uniforms


    ■ by Rabimaru, supervised by Unsetsu (Masa Mode Academy of Art)

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 184 pages

    ■ Published in March 2023

    ■ ISBN: 9784798631172

    ■ Japanese title: おしゃれな衣服の描き方 カジュアルウェアから学生服まで

    Buy on Amazon Japan


    World rights available


    Rabimaru is an illustrator who also publishes tutorials to draw clothes online. The tutorials they posted on Twitter were retweeted over 50,000 times. They also publish clothes drawing lessons for beginners on "pixiv FANBOX."


    Unsetsu is a fashion illustrator and creator. He is the headmaster of the Masa Mode Academy of Art, director of Unsetsu International, and representative of the Mode Illustration Laboratory. He is active internationally and has held shows in New York, Koln (Germany), and China. Starting with his Unsetsu Collection, he promotes environment-friendly fashion.

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