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How to Draw on a Smartphone! - A Total Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art

How to Draw on a Smartphone! - A Total Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art

Did you know that it’s possible to draw digital art without a PC or a tablet?


Nowadays there are many apps that allow you to draw digital illustrations on a smartphone. However, even though you have the necessary tool, you may find it difficult to start from scratch if you have never tried before. This book answers common beginner questions such as “what is digital art?,” “how is it different from traditional art?,” “how do I draw a digital illustration?” and more, so that you can get the basics down before starting!


You will also learn how layers work, image resolution, the basics of digital drawing and painting, and find step-by-step tutorials of threeillustrations that were actually drawn with a smartphone.

It’s the perfect guidebook to go digital!



Chapter 1: Get ready to go digital

Before installing / Choosing a touch screen pen / Choosing the painting software


Chapter 2: Learn the basics of digital art

Canvas size and pixels / Resolution / Saving formats / Data size / Layers / Layer types / Using layers / Useful layer functions / RGB and CMYK / Hue, saturation, brightness


Chapter 3: Draw and color a digital illustration

Let's draw something! / Useful digital art functions / Practicing drawing lines / Basic process of drawing a character illustration / Other modifications / Eight mistakes beginners tend to make


Chapter 4: Digital illustration tutorials

Before drawing a full illustration on a smartphone / Illustration tutorial 1: Drawing a beautiful character illustration / Illustration tutorial 2: Drawing an illustration with a background / Illustration tutorial 3: Drawing an illustration with small objects and animals


    ■ by (Moe) Hyogen Tankyu Circle

    ■ 182 x 128 mm / 160 pages

    ■ Published in October 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798625911

    ■ Japanese title: スマホで描く! はじめてのデジ絵ガイドブック

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong


    (Moe) Hyogen Tankyu Circle is a group of authors who love manga, anime and games and are always looking for the best techniques to draw moe illustrations.

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