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Learn by Coloring: Basic Color Schemes

Learn by Coloring: Basic Color Schemes

Learn by Coloring: Basic Color Schemes
A Fun Way to Improve Your Perception of Colors


Learn how color harmony works with this coloring book! If you follow the included examples and advice, you will come to understand how to choose colors that fit a certain image, for example, “lively,” “cute,” “elegant,” or “natural.” It contains lots of pictures to practice many different themes!



Chapter 1: Basic lessons of color harmony

Chapter 2: Creating four different themes

Chapter 3: Exciting color schemes from the world

Chapter 4: Fascinating color schemes that will touch your heart

Chapter 5: Fun celebrative color schemes


    ■ by Teruko Sakurai, Rie Shirakabe

    ■ 230 x 187 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in January 2020

    ■ ISBN: 9784798620848

    ■ Japanese title: 塗り絵でまなぶ 配色のきほん 楽しみながら色彩センスがアップする

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Teruko Sakurai is the president of the color coordinator agency Tokyo Colors, a full member of the Color Science Association of Japan, color design master of the International Color Design Association, color coordination lecturer recognized by the Color Coordination Test Association, lecturer recognized by the Color Coordinator Test of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and interior designer. She teaches color coordination in educational institutions and provides consulting and training for companies. In 2014 she was the first Japanese person to become a qualified lecturer on the Swedish Natural Color System (NCS) color model.


    Rie Shirakabe is a freelance illustrator since 2007. She draws illustrations of different tastes for manga advertisements, book covers and inner art, holiday cards, and more.

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