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Learn by Coloring: Basics of Colored Pencil

Learn by Coloring: Basics of Colored Pencil

Learn by Coloring: Basics of Colored Pencils
Draw Flowers and Sweets with Only 12 Colors


Texture, shading, layering, gradations… There are many techniques that can be used with colored pencils, but you don’t need many colors to master the basics.
This book will teach you to draw and color fruit, sweets, flowers, accessories, and much more with only 12 colors.


Start with 11 basic lessons that will teach you three types of strokes, how to mix colors to obtain different shades of green, how to create gradations etc., and then try your hand at 44 step-by-step lessons grouped by theme. Each lesson comes with line art that you can color directly.



Chapter 1: Basic lessons
Three types of strokes, layering colors, light and dark gradations, etc.

Chapter 2: Vegetables and fruit
Strawberry, blueberry, kaki, chili pepper, assorted fruit, etc.


Chapter 3: Delicious food
Cupcake, parfait, donuts, croissant, pizza, etc.


Chapter 4: Flowers and plants
Maple, morning glory, sunflower, rose, bouquet, Christmas wreath, etc.


Chapter 5: Everyday items
High heels, ribbons, gems, cat, teacup, etc.


    ■ by Mayumi Wakabayashi

    ■ 230 x 187 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in November 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798626314

    ■ Japanese title: 塗り絵でまなぶ色鉛筆画のきほん 12色だけで花もお菓子もこんなに描ける

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea


    Mayumi Wakabayashi is an illustrator and colorist. She taught herself colored pencils as a way to relieve stress while she was an office worker. In 2009 she started teaching a pencil coloring class using her own original line art and color mixes. She currently teaches both coloring and illustration classes in Shimane, Tokyo, Osaka, and online, so that more people can discover the fun of using colored pencils.

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