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Learn by Coloring: Coloring with Copic Markers

Learn by Coloring: Coloring with Copic Markers

Learn by Coloring: Coloring with Copic Markers
Paint cute female characters and pretty backgrounds with
only 12 colors!


Learn to color with Copic markers! You will only need 12 colors and a white ink pen. All the colors can be found in the Ciao series too, which is great for beginners who are just starting out.


The book contains a total of 14 lessons. You will start with 5 lessons that teach you the basics, then learn how to color characters and backgrounds with plenty of different and cute motifs (fruit, ribbons, flowers, gems, marine theme, accessories, sweets, etc.).



Chapter 1: Copic marker basics

Chapter 2: Character basics -girl with an apron-

Chapter 3: Painting backgrounds -girl with an apron-

Chapter 4: Trying different characters 1 -girls wearing a long skirt-

Chapter 5: Trying different characters 2 -girl wearing shorts-


    ■ by Maripori

    ■ 230 x 187 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in September 2021

    ■ ISBN: 9784798625935

    ■ Japanese title: 塗り絵でまなぶコピックイラスト 女の子キャラとかわいい背景が12色で完成!

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong


    Maripori is an illustrator who mainly creates art with Copic markers and displays it on the SNS, at events, and at exhibitions. She likes cute things and often draws girls, sweets, fruit, and characters with animal ears. She has contributed Copic marker how-tos and illustrations to various books.

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