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Learn by Coloring: Copic Basics

Learn by Coloring: Copic Basics

Learn by Coloring: Copic Basics
From Apples to Gemstones, Sweet, and Characters


This book will teach you how to use the popular Copic markers in 30 lessons, each including a colored reference picture, its line art for you to color directly and a step-by-step coloring tutorial explaining how to do it. You will start from the basics such as coloring evenly, color mixing and gradations, and progressively improve your technique while having fun!

Chapter 1: Mastering the basics of Copic markers
Chapter 2: Painting various motifs
Chapter 3: Painting characters
Chapter 4: Painting full illustrations (by five artists)


    ■ by Hosimi

    ■ 230 x 187 mm / 144 pages

    ■ Published in April 2020

    ■ ISBN: 9784798622026

    ■ Japanese title: 塗り絵でまなぶコピックのきほん リンゴひとつから宝石・スイーツ・人物まで

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong


    Hosimi loves drawing ever since she was little. She has learned Copic markers, colored pencils, pastels, oil painting, and acrylic painting on her own, and displayed her art in private exhibitions. She likes to draw plants and girls and especially pays attention to painting textures and reflections. She won the second prize in the 2019 Copic Award.

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