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Learn Manga Drawing from a Professional Animator - Male Character Design

Learn Manga Drawing from a Professional Animator - Male Character Design

The basics of male character design, body structure, and action are extensively explained frame-by-frame by professional animator Kazuaki Morita, who is active in both the anime and illustration industries. You will be able to see in what order and direction an animator draws the lines! Do not miss this chance to learn from his attitude toward pictures and lines!


Chapter 1: Character design
Chapter 2: Learning the human body
Chapter 3: Drawing movement


    ■ by Hikaru Hayashi (Go office), Kurin Kubu, Kazuaki Morita

    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 200 pages

    ■ Published in September 2017

    ■ ISBN: 9784798615387

    ■ Japanese title: プロの作画から学ぶ超マンガデッサン 男子キャラデザインの現場から

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    Rights sold to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, South Korea


    Hikaru Hayashi started to work as a manga artist after graduating in philosophy from the Department of Humanities of the Tokyo Metropolitan University. He received an encouragement award and an honorable mention from Business Jump, and also worked as a manga assistant. In 1997 he founded the manga and design studio Go office. He has authored over 250 manga drawing manuals, some of which have been published overseas as well.


    Kurin Kubu started as an editor of didactic picture books, then went on to work for publishers of art and design magazines and books. He has worked in the editorial industry for over 40 years, providing editing for many drawing manuals as well.


    Kazuaki Morita is an animator, animator director, and illustrator. He has provided character designs for videogames and anime such as "Persona 4" and "Assassination Classroom." Since 1998 he has been collaborating with Go office in the production of drawing manuals, for which he has often provided the cover art.

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