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Male Muscular Poses: From Slim to Macho

Male Muscular Poses: From Slim to Macho

Muscles are important when drawing the male body. This book will teach you how to draw men's muscles and how to differentiate between three body types: slim, semi-muscular, and muscular. It features descriptions of the physical attributes of each build along with tips for drawing muscles in action poses.


It also contains a large collection of photos of male models of different builds in lots of useful poses that you can use as a reference. The photos, whose full set is contained in the included CD-ROM, are free to trace and can be used to draw fan illustrations and doujinshi too!



Prologue: Before starting to draw the male body

Chapter 1: Drawing the muscles of each body part

Chapter 2: Drawing the full figure

Chapter 3: Last touches: making muscles stand out

Chapter 4: Pose variations and how to draw them

Chapter 5: Muscular men pose collection


    ■ by Kaneda Kobo

    ■ 257 x 190 mm + CD-ROM / 160 pages

    ■ Published in September 2016

    ■ ISBN: 9784798611754

    ■ Japanese title: 男の筋肉 描きわけポーズ集 スリムからマッチョまで

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    Rights sold to China, South Korea


    After working as an assistant and then becoming a manga artist and freelance illustrator, Kaneda Kobo began to produce illustrations for drawing manuals and advertisements, adapting the drawing style to the requirements of each job.

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