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Naoki Saito’s Secret Tricks to Get Better at Drawing!

Naoki Saito’s Secret Tricks to Get Better at Drawing!

Super popular illustrator and YouTuber Naoki Saito, author of many bestselling books on manga and anime drawing, reveals his secret tricks to get better and quicker at drawing in no time!

Are you a beginner or intermediate level at digital illustrations and want to step up your technique? This book will teach you lots of easy tricks and tips that you can use right away!


●Find out the most important functions of paint software, how to draw smooth lines and basic coloring!


●Easy tips to draw hair, shadows, and landscapes, that even intermediate users will find useful!

●Tricks to make your female characters look cuter and to improve the visual quality of your illustrations


Chapter 1: Secret tricks for beginners!
Chapter 2: Secret tricks to step up your technique!
Chapter 3: Secret tricks to make your illustrations look way more interesting!
Chapter 4: Q&A interview with Naoki Saito


    ■ by Naoki Saito

    ■ 210 x 148 mm / 192 pages

    ■ Published in February 2023

    ■ ISBN: 9784798625911

    ■ Japanese title: チート技! 絵が上手くなる本

    Buy on Amazon Japan


    World rights available


    Naoki Saito is a popular illustrator and YouTuber. After graduating from Tama Art University, he worked for a video game company and then went on to become a freelancer. Known for illustrating many Pokemon cards and doing character designs for the game "Uma Musume Pretty Derby", in recent years he has been publishing educational YouTube videos aimed at beginner illustrators and creators. His channel had over 1,000,000 followers by the end of 2022. He has also authored many best-selling books.

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