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Touhou Illustration Techniques with Copic Markers

Touhou Illustration Techniques with Copic Markers

Touhou Illustration Techniques with Copic Markers
Creating Lineart and Illustrations


The Touhou Project is a series of Japanese shoot 'em up games. Its characters are extremely popular and the subject of a large number of fanzines. This book uses Touhou Project characters as subjects to teach you how to use Copic markers!


Learn about basic gradation and blending techniques from Copic masters Socha and Leo Kagami! You will also find step-by-step tutorials focused on painting eyes and hair of different colors, even with a limited number of markers. Six line drawings are included in the book for you to transfer on paper and use for practice.



Chapter 1: Copic markers, related supplies, and how to use them

Chapter 2: Learn the basics of painting with six colors!

Chapter 3: Learn Copic marker techniques from popular characters!

Chapter 4: Tutorials of pair illustrations by four artists and useful tips by five artists


    ■ by Socha, Leo Kagami, edited by Tsubura Kadomaru

    ■ 257 x 215 mm / 152 pages

    ■ Published in March 2016

    ■ ISBN: 9784798612034

    ■ Japanese title: コピック絵師たちの東方イラストテクニック 塗り絵からイラストメイキングまで

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    Rights sold to South Korea


    Socha is a freelance illustrator from Osaka who draws art for social games. She has authored and contributed to drawing manuals, and also held classes to teach Copic markers. She has provided art for various Touhou Project games and books.


    Leo Kagami graduated from the story manga course of Kyoto Seika University and works as a freelance illustrator.


    Tsubura Kadomaru has always loved drawing and sketching, and in middle and high school was the head of the school's art club. She protected the club, that had become a manga study group and Gundam get-together, and its members, raising creators who now work in the game and anime industry. She studied oil painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Tokyo University of the Arts at a time when film studies and contemporary art were thriving. She has authored, edited, and conceived dozens of drawing manuals.

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