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Touhou Project: Gensokyo Coloring Book

Touhou Project: Gensokyo Coloring Book

Color characters from the popular Touhou Project series with your preferred painting tools!


The Touhou Project is a series of Japanese shoot 'em up games. Its characters are extremely popular and the subject of a large number of fanzines.

The book features lots of Touhou characters, from well-known faces to recent new additions, as well as the caricaturized Reimu and Marisa from the “Yukkuri” internet meme!



●How to paint with traditional tools: colored pencils, Copic markers

●Colored samples of the illustrations

●30 different line art illustrations to color


[Featured artists]

Maso, Mizuki Sohma, Toshi Kurisu, Suzuka Kyouda, Tamiku, Ryuu Miyao, .SIN, Kero, Kyu Sou Kyu, syuri22, Biyon, Haruto Sakurai, Toutenkou, Kaputii Kabocha, Yu-ki Shiroyama, Moyazou, Benishake,, Campa, Falken, Socha


    ■ 257 x 190 mm / 32 pages

    ■ Published in August 2022

    ■ ISBN: 9784798629063

    ■ Japanese title: 東方Project 幻想郷の塗り絵

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    World rights available



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